Taximeter user manual

Receipts, Trips log, Stats - from version 1.3

Introductory video:

New and worth mentioning:

Version 4.0 with Fare calculator that allows to pre-estimate fares between start and end address, start taxi trip in the app and simultaneously open turn by turn navigation in another app. And even send a fare quote to your customer.

Version 4.1 with options to customize buttons color in the app. This should provide more options for improved visibility of buttons in bright sunlight and potentially assist in cases involving vision color deficiencies. Plus SumUp SDK is updated to version 5.0.0 to support the Solo Lite card reader and Australian Dollar and Mexican Pesos currencies.

Current version

Version 4.2 with ability to create trips and receipts in the fare estimator. Pick the pre-calculated route > add extras > adjust total > save as a trip and send the receipt. Can be useful for a few business scenarios.


Having good feedback from versions 4.0-4.2, our priority will be to start looking into iOS 18 testing and optimizations - making sure that the app is fully compatible and optimized for iOS 18 in September. Based on the effort required for iOS 18 optimalizations we will see how much time is left for other features this summer of 2024.


GPS indicator is red and taximeter doesn’t update mileage. Help!

Taximeter shows me receipts and logs in a different currency from what I need. Help!

Troubleshooting the time (per minute) charge. How to set it right?

You can access the app developer (Stan Dvojcenko @Kalimex-Consulting s.r.o) directly via email: or phone number +420 724 730 447.


How to switch between miles and kilometers?

I need to change number of decimal places that fare is shown with! How?

How to print receipts?

From version 3.6 you can customize fare digits color. Settings > Advanced > Taxi fare digits color.

Square POS (Point of sale)

Square Point Of Sale app integration - general information

More options for Square, more space and lines for receipt notes - from version 1.7.1

Options to pick what should be sent to Square app

Square Point Of Sale settings.

Square tender types .

Sumup POS

From version 3.6 SumUp payment provider is natively integrated so you can accept SumUp payments directly in the app. Use SumUp button in the receipt screen.

Fare setup

Advanced time fare settings

Setting rules for min/entry fare

How to set mileage or kilometers included in minimum fare (e.g. £3.300 for the first 500.000 yards)

Adding waiting time, separate screens for advanced time and minimum fare handling, in version 1.6

Library of fares to grab pre-canned fares from

Options for charging idle time when minimum mileage is set

5, 10, 15, X fare step from version 1.4


Working with default receipt

Working with detailed breakdown receipt

Explaining advanced settings in the app

Receipt/trip notes - from version 1.4

Customize receipt header and other fields, adjust receipt total to reflect a tip - from version 1.5

From version 3.7 you can add your own logo. Settings > Advanced > Logo. If selected, logo is shown on top of a receipt.


Working with sales tax

Fare calculator

Available from version 4.0, Fare calculator allows you to pre-estimate fares between start and end address, start taxi trip in the app and simultaneously open turn by turn navigation in another app. And even send a fare quote to your customer.


From version 1.2, to make it easier to evaluate the taximeter app we decided to make it free, but limit it to only 10 taxi trips. By upgrading, you will remove this limitation and will be able to create unlimited amount of trips.

If you used to have the paid version of taximeter app, please just use “Restore purchases” button in the upgrade reminder screen or “Restore” button in the upgrade buying screen to restore either your former upgrade or purchase of the paid app version.


Download Taximeter app from AppStore (FREE!)


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