Compass 55


Releases to highlight

Version 1.9.11 with customizable screen corners .

Soon: Version 3.5 with overzoom and underzoom handling for the offline maps , improvements for the tracks list and circle approach automatic check-in option for a land/air/boat navigation .

Freshly baked

Ground Image Overlays in version 3.3.


GPS Tracking

How to retrace the previously recorded track?

Tracks colored by speed or altitude.

Sharing trips and tracks

Starting and stopping GPS tracking with Siri shortcuts


Avoid internet/data usage with a Blank Map

Working with a map

Map automatic re-center options

Offline maps

Ground image overlays

Night and “local roads” styles for the Google map from version 1.1.

Night mode auto switch for Google map from version 1.2

Map settings: Course line, 5 options for the map pointer, enable/disable waypoints grouping and pin/unpin track in map settings.

Import existing mbtiles, Rmaps, sqlitedb maps


Route navigation with voice guidance

Route editor and GPX route import, from version 1.7

Use average track speed or instantaneous speed for ETE

Show relative or absolute bearing to target (BRG, course to steer) from version 1.8.2

Magnetic declination

Automatic check-in rules


Waypoints export to GPX and Google Earth** KML/KMZ from version 1.4

Waypoints and tracks import from GPX files from version 1.5

.kml import - tracks and waypoints, from version 1.8.5.

Photo GPX export

Export of planimeter objects (Routes and Areas)


Voice coaching

Barometric vertical speed indicator

GPS camera - to take photos with location, direction and notes.

Tap on a MENU and then on a camera button inside the new waypoint menu item to open the camera screen.



Area and length units of measurement (planimeter).

General units of measurement - Metric, Imperial, Nautical.

Distance units of measurement.

Altitude units of measurement.

Automatic switch from small to big units.


If above links didn’t help, please use the top-right star button in the app to let us know about the problem and we will surely reply within 24 hours. Our reply rate is 100%, if there is no reply, please check your spam folder.

You can access the app developer (Stan Dvoychenko @Kalimex-Consulting s.r.o) directly via email: or phone number +420 724 730 447.


Land navigation mode

Speedometer mode

Tips & Tricks

Distance, heading and coordinate tools for the “don’t follow me” map mode. From version 1.6.

Magnetic declination

Pro pack upgrade information

Pro pack upgrade


Brief walk through the main features

Embedded YouTube video **

Short video on distance, heading and coordinate tools for the “don’t follow me” map mode

Short video on how route navigation works

Short video on creating a route in the app

1m27s video on two ways of adding waypoints

2m17s video on downloading offline map and finding it later on the main map

A bit longer, narrated video on creating or importing the route


GPS Camera 55. Capture photos stamped with location, direction and notes.

Docs ▪︎ FREE in AppStore

GPS Team 55 - Team tracking and collaboration.

Docs ▪︎ Free in AppStore ▪︎ Public beta version (free) .

Speedometer 55 PRO. Mileage and speed tracker.

Speedometer app

Docs ▪︎ AppStore

Planimeter 55. Measure area, perimeter, distance.

Docs ▪︎ FREE in AppStore

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