Siri shortcuts in the Compass 55 app.

Integration with Siri is available for iOS 12 and higher.

Starting from iOS 12, app donates Siri Shortcuts for starting and stopping GPS tracking.

To let the app donate shortcuts to Siri:

Start (MENU > Start track) and stop (MENU > Stop track) a track > this will donate Siri a New Track and Stop Track shortcuts. MENU button is located here:

And if you use the full screen map, it will be at the top right corner, left to the star button.

You might need to tap 2-3 times sometimes to let Siri add the shortcut to the app settings on iOS 12 (iPhone settings > Compass 55 > Siri & Search > Shortcuts) or to the Shortcuts app on iOS 13.

Configure shortcuts

iOS 12

Visit Siri settings for the app in the iPhone/iPad settings, find the app and pick “Siri & Search”. Shortcuts will be first between “SUGGESTED SHORTCUTS”. To make them yours, tap on a plus on a row with a shortcut suggestion and record your own voice command for starting and stopping the track.

iOS 13

In iOS 13 open a Shortcuts app, tap on a Gallery tab, scroll to “Shortcuts from Your apps” section, pick “See All” and you’ll find the app shortcuts to add here:

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