Version 1.9.3. What's new?

Version 1.9.2 briskly added the option you requested - automatic cancel of map centering when you start moving the map. I have had more input on this since then (thank you!) and I’m adding more options and polish.

Now you may opt out of this automatic cancel of map re-centering and/or let the map return back to a re-centering mode when you stop moving the map. These new options are in the common map settings:

If you decide to pick YES for the automatic return to a centering mode, the arrow pointer will have a “progress” circle around it. As soon as circle reaches its end, map will return to a centering mode:

Please note that automatic return to map centering will be cancelled whenever you start to do more with the map than just moving it around. The moment you tap on some button or waypoint, this automatic return will be cancelled, giving you an uninterrupted way to continue working with the map.

Also if you cancelled the centering mode by a “compass” button, there will be no automatic return to centering as you’ve probably wanted to do more on the map anyway.

Another smaller, but I hope useful, user experience wise, release. I also managed to fix some very, very rare crash conditions that I saw in the Apple crash reporting (thanks to everyone who agrees to share these anonymous crash reports with Apple!), always better to have zero crashes in the app.

Previous (bigger) releases:

Version 1.9.1! (August 2018) Tiny compass on all maps, Google map for all map screens (pro), move waypoint on a main map, select multiple waypoints for delete and export (pro), and more!

Version 1.9 (May 2018):

Measuring routes and areas (planimeter).

Export of planimeter objects (Routes and Areas)

Area and length units of measurement (planimeter).

General units of measurement - Metric, Imperial, Nautical.

Distance units of measurement.

Altitude units of measurement.

Automatic switch from small to big units.

Photo GPX export

All information on version 1.9