Compass 55. Options for showing bearing to a target.

1. Relative. Show bearing to a target was a relative course, telling you diff/delta between your current course and course to a target:

This way, we can see that we are 1 degree off from the required course and adjust appropriately. Notice how “TARGET” is used to highlight that you are using a “delta” course to the target.

2. Absolute. Often named BRG or course to steer. Show bearing as a course in which you should fly/drive/walk in order to get to a target:

In the example above required course to the target is 335 degrees and we are a bit off as course line on a map and green arrow tells us. Also notice how former “TARGET” is now showing “TARGET” to give you a hint that this is a “steer course”, not a diff.

You’ll find the switch between these two options in Settings > Navigation:

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