GPS Camera 55

Recent versions:

Version 3.9.2: Added PDF page layout to support 2 photos per page. Added option for US Letter PDF page size.

Version 4.0 with custom file name patterns for saved/exported/shared photo files and addition of Waze/Yandex navigation links as options for photo QR codes.


Compass readings are really odd, stay at North and then jumps to South. Help!

Where is that stamp on the photo!?

You can always reach us at . If there is no reply within 24 hours, please check your spam folder as we do reply to every support email. Our phone number is +420 724 730 447 (also Whatsapp and iMessage), but we’d prefer if you contact us via MENU > FEEDBACK & SUPPORT > “There is a problem”, as support email will then contain information on your device model and iOS version.


Preview on Youtube

Embedded YouTube video

One note on a video - I forgot to mention that you can tap on the camera screen to show the focus square, plus you can change exposure by moving finger up/down on the camera screen, of course.


Supports decimal, dm or dms coordinates formats as well as UTM and MGRS.

True or magnetic heading. Degrees or mils. Built-in compass in the app and stamp in the photo show the direction in which iPhone/iPad’s camera is looking.

Accuracy and altitude in either feet or meters.

You can hide/show location overlay in its entirety.

Or you can hide/show separately coordinates, altitude and direction fields of the location overlay.


Save photo automatically or open it in preview to annotate before saving.

Option to save copy of the photo to the photo library, either or both original and stamped photo.

Version 1.9.4 adds option to automatically save a copy of a photo to iCloud drive.

More on camera settings.

Version 1.3 added a companion Apple Watch app for the remote control over a camera shutter button.

Version 1.5 added ability to use volume up/down buttons for taking photos.


Before or after saving the photo you can zoom in/out in the photo preview and draw on the image with your finger or Apple pencil.

Notes overlay for the photo supports Title, Note, Tags/Folder and Address.

Address can be pre-filled automatically based on the photo location or you can manually fill this field.

You can change notes and add more annotations later on (MENU > POINTS > tap on an image in the point row).

MENU > POINTS > tapping on a point row will open point editor where you can add an audio note for the image/point.

Timestamp options do include many formats and you should always find your preferred languages between them as well.

Version 3.9 added a photo title pattern that goes beyond timestamp in the automatic photo title, giving you options to be more creative and productive by creating the automatic title that just makes sense for your work.

Version 1.2.1 added option to hide/show the timestamp part of the overlay.

Version 1.3 added:

  • Custom colors for overlay texts and background.
  • Option to hide/show whole notes overlay at the bottom.
  • Option to show 3x3 grid for the camera.
  • Date only format option for the timestamp field.

Here is a dedicated page on setting up notes and comments for the photo, should you need it.

Version 1.5 added: Customize notes overlay for your business . Set up to 3 lines and set which fields come to which line.

Version 1.9.3 adds option to show a cross in the camera screen center.

Version 1.9.4 adds option to keep this center cross on a stamped photo.

From version 3.8 you can customize the center cross weight.


You can select multiple points to share via MENU > POINTS or share the whole points collection via MENU > POINT COLLECTIONS.

Images can be shared with or without their location/notes text and with or without the location/notes overlay.

If you need to transfer points/images in their entirety to another device, use the KMZ (Google Earth archive) export format - this allows to transfer points including images, image notes, annotations, audio notes, to another device.

More on photo/points sharing:

App settings backup and sharing:

  • Backup/share the app settings , so you can have multiple settings profiles for different jobs/workflows, restore when needed or quickly onboard someone else.

PDF reports:

Share images between devices/mac/pc.


You can organize images into collections/folders. Existing images/points can be moved between collections.

MENU > POINTS screen enables you to search by point/image notes, address, tags fields, filter by creation month, sort by proximity or show points/images only for the specific collection.


MENU > IMPORT FROM LIBRARY will allow you to pick and import photo(s) from the photo library and the app will do its best to parse tiff/exif/gps/iptc data in the photo to restore location, direction and notes for the stamp.


You can navigate to a point/image by opening it via MENU > POINTS and using Navigate button in the point editor screen.

Version 3.9 added a photo gallery so you can browse/swipe between all of the images/photos in the points list.


Image/point location on a map can be reviewed by tapping on a MAP button in the point editor screen (MENU > POINTS > tap on a point row).

You can view all points for a collection on a map. MENU > POINT COLLECTIONS > Tap on a settings button in the collection row and then tap on a Map row in the collection editor.


Version 1.4 adds a custom watermark option with your own image, text and colors. Here is more on a custom watermark setup .

Version 1.9.4 adds options for a custom watermark placement on a stamped photo.

From version 3.8 you can customize the watermark size.


QR-code settings page

Version 3.8 adds QR, barcode or text scanner in the notes editor. Allows you to extract texts and assign to the note fields.


Helper overlays include 3x3 grid and center cross. You can switch them on in Settings > Other overlays.

From version 1.9.4 center cross overlay can also be applied to the stamped photo and you can customize its color.


Using extra fields that are exported in Google Earth KMZ by the app and customizing a point/photo balloon in Google Earth on PC or Mac.



Video preview on Youtube


You can do a lot with the basic functions in the app. Here is what PRO PACK one time purchase adds on top of it:

  • Removes the basic version watermark and allows to apply a custom watermark with your image, text, colors .
  • Adds ability to create additional point/image collections.
  • Enables sharing of more than 5 points/images at once.
  • Adds export/import capabilities. In particular, KMZ export/import enables to transfer collections or selected waypoints between devices.
  • Enables batch import of multiple photos from the photo library.
  • Adds ability to save hand drawn annotations for the image.
  • Options to lock access to the app with PIN code and biometrics

Pro pack upgrade is a one off purchase, NO recurring charges or subscription involved. You can always restore this purchase on the different device with the same Apple ID.

More information on PRO pack upgrade


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How to delete the whole collection/folder with photo-points?

If camera ever goes super exposed, please tap anywhere on the camera screen to recalculate the exposure.