Review photos. Original and/or stamped.

When you return to reviewing old photos, app shows you the original, non-stamped photos by default, as they are kept in the app:

The point behind keeping original photos is that you can always decide to change photo title, notes and apply a different watermark, if needed.

To see stamped photo, with current notes and optionally watermark applied (per settings), tap on that stamp button (#1):

When app exports/shares or adds photos to PDF report, it always asks if you want stamped or original photos to be shared.

When app saves photo copy somewhere else (Photo library or iCloud drive) you always have an option to save original, stamped or both. You setup this in Settings > Capture settings > Save. E.g. for iCloud drive:

More information:

Option for automatic copy of original and/or stamped photo to iCloud files.

PDF reports:

PDF report and Email/Social export settings.

Version 1.9.4 adds options for custom ordering of photo/points in pdf reports.