Photo/Point sharing options.

Some options shown only apply from version 2.3.

You can share a single point, multiple selected points or all points inside a point collection.

Available options:


Will open a screen with all export option available (KMZ, KML, GPX, CSV with all fields from photo and points, etc). KMZ format includes complete data for the point, including the photo and audio note and allows to transfer (export/import) your points/photos between devices with 1:1 correspondence for all data.

PDF Report

Generates a PDF report from the selected points and their images. You can generate PDF with either original or stamped images. More PDF report generation options are available in settings > PDF & Email. More on PDF reports:

Sharing images/photos with GPS/EXIF/IPTC data

Share images and descriptions.

Share images and descriptions between apps/email, etc. Will share photos included in points and will add descriptions (note, location) for each photo above the photos. The final outcome depends on the app the images and text are shared with.

This options includes EXIF/IPTC and other metadata attached to a photo.

Share only images.

Sharing images/photos with removed GPS/EXIF/IPTC data

Same as above two options, but will remove all GPS/EXIF/IPTC metadata for the shared images. Of course, all images in the app will stay with the metadata, that is only an extra step applied to the shared images copy.

Number of apps that photo and files can be shared with is enormous and outcomes of sharing are also dependent on specifics of these apps. It might take some time and experimenting to find the best way to share the points and photos between different apps and devices.

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