Sharing images with Windows PC via iCloud (Google, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive) drive.

In the app, MENU > POINTS > Select > select points and tap on the bottom left Action button > Share only images > Originals. Now save to the cloud drive of your choice. Photos will appear in the corresponding cloud drive folder on your PC.

For the whole point collection do MENU > POINT COLLECTIONS > Tap on a settings button for the collection to save > Action button > Share only images.

You can also configure the app to automatically make the copy to iCloud drive on capture:

Settings button > Capture settings > Save to Photo Library or Save to iCloud.

Though if you edit photos later in Camera 55 app or change photo notes, then these “copies on capture” will not reflect these changes.

To install iCloud drive on you PC, please use the link:

You can also just save images to external flash drive and then connect that external flash drive to your Windows PC.