GPS Camera 55 privacy policy

This policy details the information on how information can be collected or used by the GPS Camera 55 app.

Information We Collect.

GPS Camera 55 app is not collecting or processing ANY information except for showing location data on the photo and embedding this information as a photo overlay and in EXIF data for the photo.

Information that GPS Camera 55 has access to is NEVER shared with 3rd party agencies or companies.

The app is not using or integrates any Analytics, Ads or Crash SDKs. Someone may say this is a shame, but your privacy is totally paramount to us.

If you use Apple Maps

If you choose to view points that you saved in the app on the Apple Map then the services and software used to display these maps may collect information about you. Please refer to the Apple Privacy Policy for more information.

If you send us information

We collect information that you choose to send us by emailing us via support emails. This includes your email address, name and other information that you provide. This information never leaves our email box. We use Google mail and Google authentication services.


This policy might be updated from time to time. But our commitment to stay away from any analytics and 3rd party components that might put your privacy at risk is absolutely paramount. Given this, we will always be happy if you drop us a few lines on how do you use the app!

Your Consent

By using GPS Camera 55 app, you consent to our privacy policy.


Please contact with any questions.