Version 1.9.3. What's new?

Optimisations for iOS 13

Current optimisations include:

  • Supporting iPhone’s dark mode by showing darker popups/dialogs when in the dark mode.
  • Fixing UI issues on iOS 13
  • Incorporating new iOS 13 location access option - “Once”
  • Documentation screens (like this one) can be now dismissed by swiping them down (needs iOS 13 and higher).

Option to show cross at the camera screen center

You can set this up via Settings > Other overlays > Show cross.

If you need a bigger cross, please let me know via “Email developer” option in the feedback screen.

Point editor - option to apply coordinates from the clipboard

This was actually available from version 1.9.2, but as release notes were not shown for that version, let me mention it here.

“Delete” button in the Actions row is now moved under the “more” button:

and opens menu with extra actions:

This allows to either copy point coordinates to clipboard or apply coordinates from the clipboard (if they are present there and the app can parse them).