GPS Camera 55. Version 1.4.

Custom watermark.

Custom watermark includes text, image and allows to define background and text colors:

Configure it via Settings > Watermark. Tapping on a watermark section row opens watermark editor. Its top part allows you to setup either watermark should be applied or not:

Then follows the section with text and image setup:

And the last one at the moment is the colors section:

This hopefully gives enough buttons to configure your own watermark. If I’ve missed something, please drop me a line at I’ll be a good listener!

Oh, wait! I forgot to tell, where from can you add your watermark images… I thought you’d import them from the photo roll, but turns out, most often photo roll will convert png images with transparency to non-transparent jpegs. So I settled on letting you load images from your iCloud, Dropbox, etc:

Tap on a middle row in the Image section to open the picker:

This gives access to all of the File providers that you have on your iPhone, iCloud, Dropbox, Box, Qnap, Synology, etc …

Current watermark image implementation counts with square or circular image. Size of 360x360 is recommended, but app will of course cope with other sizes.

Option for note and location overlay background transparency.

New option in the Colors section of the Capture settings allows to setup transparency for the overlay backgrounds:

To achieve solid color for the note or location overlay background, keep this transparency at 0:

Bug fixes.

Fixed the crash when you’d exit the point editor screen while still having the audio note recording active.

This is it for version 1.4!

I’d love to hear from you! Do you need more watermark customization options, like adjusting its size and/or position? Please let me know!

Yours and back to work!


P.S. Rough plan for version 1.5 is:

  • Option for 3 lines in the notes overlay.
  • Lock location/coordinates to current location, manually entered/pasted coordinated, already existing point.
  • Copy location, title, notes from already existing point - great for re-occurring inspections.
  • Use of placeholders when forming notes overlay titles.
  • More options for automated title (e.g. different time/date based formats).

P.P.S. Huge thanks to Bruno for finding out the problem with watermark image loading on iOS 9/10 when version 1.4. was still in the beta. Bruno, thank you for saving me from the shame!