Square tender typ

Setting tender types correctly is important in order to avoid errors from the Square Point Of Sale app. Rule of thumb here is that you should not set types that are not available for you via your Square account.

E.g. I have an account for Czech republic, credit card payments via Square are not available here and my account is not setup for taking them. If I’d add “Card” to my tender options in taximeter, Square app will return me an error:

Square errors are always very descriptive. If you see such an error “The logged-in account cannot take credit card payments”, then please use “Settings” button to open Square settings:

and continue to Tender Types:

Select tender types that apply for you. When you select tender type here, it will also be available for you in the Square app when you switch to it from taximeter. In the example below, when you have Cash + Other setup, Square app offers you these tender options when taximeter opens it for payment:

This is for tender types!

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