Taximeter. Version 1.7

This version adds Square Point Of Sale integration which adds ability to take credit card payments (in U.S., UK, Canada, Australia and Japan) and print receipts via supported by Square mobile printers (in English, Spanish, French and Japanese).

Use “Payment-Square” button on receipt screen to switch to Square app:

By tapping on “Payment-Square”, given you have Square Point Of Sale installed, you’ll be transferred to it with receipt data from Taximeter. Currently following information is being transferred to Square app:

  • Total to pay, including currency
  • Note from the receipt
  • Tip or discount information from the receipt

Taximeter also assumes that you have setup Square with appropriate and available to you tender types. This is in the “Advanced” settings, down to the bottom:

Square app returns quite meaningful errors back if something is wrong and taximeter offers you to open Settings in response to adjust them and retry. To avoid errors ensure that:

  • Square app installed and you are logged into it
  • Square app (your account) is configured to accept currency that is default for your iPhone (based on regional settings). You can see this currency in the Advanced settings (image above).
  • Tender types you have setup in the taximeter (Cash+Card by default) correspond by tender type accepted for you by Square. E.g. if you setup Card in taximeter and Square doesn’t support card payments for your account, you’ll get an error.

Tapping on “Payment-Square” will transfer you to Square app where you can take/register the payment and print the receipt using mobile printers that Square app supports (Star Micronics (SM) bluetooth printers).

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*countries supported by Square for credit card payments are currently U.S, UK, Canada, Australia and Japan.

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What’s next? More options for Square, more space and lines for receipt notes - from version 1.7.1 and then Trip estimate/quote.