Taximeter. Version 1.7.1

Version 1.7.1 is adding small improvements on top of new options in version 1.6 and version 1.7 . As versions 1.6 to 1.7.1 all came out within 3 weeks time, let me summarize here what’s new and most important:

1.7.1 - More space and lines for receipt notes, both editable and hardcoded.

More space and lines are given for both editable note (#1) and hard coded note (#2 - can be setup in the Advanced settings ).

This is to cover for cases when you have to put longer texts here, like refund policies or regulatory notes.

1.7.1 - Options to pick what you want to send to Square app as a note.

New screen in Advanced Settings > Square

Previous version was sending Tip/Discount and taximeter’s receipt note, now you can pick what you want or nothing to be sent. Please beware that Square only shows few lines of text for this note when sending receipt out by email, even if whole note is kept by Square on a transaction record on a web.

More on Fields to send to Square app

1.7.1 - Option to send amount before tax to Square in case of “on top in receipt” tax inclusion type.

New section added to Square settings to facilitate sending to Square app amount before tax when tax inclusion type is “on top in receipt” and you have same tax inclusion type set in Square:

Otherwise Square would be adding tax once again to the amount that already includes tax.

1.7.1 - Changing tax calculation for “Include in price” tax type.

When adding taxes into the app I was more thinking of U.S. & Canada where tax is added on top in the receipt. “Include in price” option was not given enough attention up until now. Now this option is changed/fixed to correspond to what most of GST/VAT calculators I’ve found calculate as GST/VAT included in the total.

1.7 - Integration with Square Point Of Sale (POS) app.

1.6 - Library of fares to grab pre-canned fares from

If you read this page on your iPhone/iPad you can just visit library and add fares to the app with one tap . You may need to adjust fare values as these vary per country/town and change over time. What library tries to achieve is to describe different scenarios of mileage/time handling and make them installable with one tap.

Library is work in progress and always going to be I guess. If you want to have your fare added here, please use “action” button in the fare editor screen and pick “send fare to Stan to include into library”. I’ll review the fare, may ask you for the country/town where the fare applies and add it to this page, so you and your colleagues will be able to add this fare to the app with one tap. Can also be used as a fare “backup” mechanism.

1.6 - Changes in receipt

Breakdown receipt has been changed a bit to include a row on a minimum fare:


#1 - “First X mi/km” now shows “Included in min. fare” or “Included in entry fare” if there is some mileage included in these.

#2 - If min.fare was used, a row added to show what the minimum fare was.

#3 - All notes on fare are now placed into the single “fare notes” row - can be hidden, if needed.

1.6 - Tip or discount in simple receipt

Now tip/discount can show on the simple receipt as well. Use Total button (while trip is running) to change the trip total and thus the tip/discount. Name used Tip/Discount - is customisable in advanced settings.

** **

1.6 - Advanced Settings > Hide leading zeros in fare, custom text for ‘received with thanks’

Setting “Show leading zeroes” to NO in advanced settings will stop the app from showing leading zeroes in front of total fare:

Here is an example of how big fare numbers can get with this:



One more thing requested from Australia was ability to either change or hide the “RECEIVED WITH THANKS” text on a receipt. This is now possible in the Advanced Settings:

Keep it empty if you want to remove this section from a receipt.

Complete information on new functions in version 1.6.

I’ll be totally honored if you review or rate the app kindly in the AppStore to inspire further app development! As easy as tapping here and leaving me a few words.



What’s next? Trip estimate/quote.