Including mileage in the minimum fare

There are cases when you need to include some mileage into the minimum fare.

Here are some examples. The one sent by Bill from UK:

Please is there anyway it can be set up so you can have a minimum fare which gets you so many yards/meters and then a rate of do much per 10th if a mile or to go up in 10p or 15p units. What I really would like to set up us start at £1.80p. This will go up in units of 10p and you get 510 yards before it starts going up at 10p per 1/15 of a mile. That should put us The same as our current taxi meters that would read £1.80 start. £2.90 on the mile and £1.50 a mile after that.

Or an example from :

Minimum cost: £2.200. £2.200 for the first 500.000 yards.
Then £0.20 every 225.00 yards.

Here is how you can setup the tariff like this (only in beta version currently, but you can always download it, just give us a shout ). Open existing or add a new tariff and tap on a “Minimum fare”, it is a button now:

In the screen that opens, enter the included into minimum fare mileage:

If we take Bill’s example, we need to enter 0.289773 miles here, this corresponds to 510 yards. For Northumberland Blyth Zone example, you’d enter 0.284091 as it corresponds to 500 yards.

Bill needed to charge 10p per 1/15 and this corresponds to the 1.5 amount per mile in the “GB 1” tariff shown above. Also minimum fare is set to 1.80, just as Bill needed.

Tap on “Done” and lets pick this tariff and start our taxi trip:

We can see that speedometer starts with 0.00 distance driven and shows -0.29 miles in the charged distance field. That is to let us know we are driving through the distance included in the minimum fare. As we drive the charged distance will go from negative value to zero and it’s when fare per distance will start being added on top of the minimum fare. Here is how the fare looks after 1 mile has been driven:

Distance driven shows 1 mile and below there is a charged distance, it’s one mile minus mileage included into the minimum fare (0.29), so it gives 0.71 charged on top of a minimum fare. TARIFF field shows 1.5 pounds per mile and 1.1 as charged value for the distance. These 1.1 and 1.8 of a minimum fare give us exactly 2.9 as a total fare after one mile driven. And that’s just what Bill is expecting!

Huge thanks to Bill for providing the example, inspiring us to implement it and giving it a test drive via beta version!

Added from version 1.5:

Options for charging idle time when min mileage is set