Rules for minimum or entry fare

Here you can define what is included (if anything) into minimum or entry/base fare and how to handle time fare before the minimum mileage included in the base/entry/min fare has been reached:

Top row allows you to pick from following options:

  • Minimum fare includes extras and fare up to its own value
  • Entry/Base fare includes limited mileage (new in 1.6)
  • Minimum fare includes limited mileage

Then you set the mileage included and rules for handling time until this included mileage has not been reached:

  • Hide until min mileage is reached. Add to meter on reaching it.
  • Add time fare to meter instantly regardless of reaching the min mileage.
  • Deduct the equivalent value of min mileage left.
  • Until min mileage is reached throw the time charge away

For “throw the time charge away” time handling option you can set the max time you allow to waive away (e.g. Uber has it as max of 2 minutes in some countries/locations).

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