Taximeter. Version 1.5. What's new?

Customize receipt header to match your business.

Change the receipt header text in advanced settings:

And have your own receipt header on every receipt:

Multiline cab/company field to add more info.

It was a common request to be able to show company’s phone number, TAX registration number or whatever other detail on the receipt. Single lined Cab information in version 1.4 simply was not enough for that. Now cab/company information allows for up to 4 lines:

Adjustment of total on receipt -> tip or discount.

Total shows $4.8, but customer tells you “$5” expecting receipt for $5.00? On receipt just tap on a “Total” button

and enter the true total customer is willing to pay and see on a receipt:

Receipt will automatically add extra amount as a Tip or Discount:

New receipt to show details on extras, distance and time. Plus tax, if used. ####

Here it is, saying everything for itself. Here I maxed out the trip with adding extras with different tax, having distance and time fare and a tip:

The above is the receipt printed form. Before printing you’ll surely find “Start”, “End”, “Total” and “Note” being buttons, as always.

As receipts became a bit smarter in this release, I added dedicated pages for them:

Working with default receipt

Working with detailed breakdown receipt

Sales tax.

Receipt above shows sales tax added to your trips and extras, if needed. Define as many taxes as you need. Distance and time fare can have only one “default” tax, but extras can have individual tax assigned or “no tax”. I can imagine “no tax” used for toll bridges, as you are not providing this service, would be a pain to pay sales tax from toll bridges and such. Anyway, it’s you who mark extras with tax, if needed.

Sales tax is hopefully easy to use and configure. If you need it, continue reading here .

Changing time fare calculation for tariffs with min mileage included in min fare.

This is a “breaking” change, so please read carefully. Several users including JP, Eamon, Christian reported the former way of handling min fare when min mileage is included to be a bug.

Former handling: Time charge was not added until min fare distance has not been reached and then it was added. That caused the “jump” in fare.

New handling: Time charge is added immediately on top of min fare if min fare includes mileage.

It turns out that for different countries and companies this handling is so different that I had to add several options. You’ll find more information here:

Charging idle time when min mileage is set


Advanced settings now allow you set the name for Tip or Discount on a receipt and pre-populate note with some pre-canned text (can be used for marketing purposes or who knows…). This meant a few new fields in Advanced Settings, good time to add their own doc page:

Explaining advanced settings in the app

I hope you’ll find this release being a good step forward Don’t forget that I’m just a guy like you, with kids and mortgage :). Please leave me a review or rating in AppStore to inspire and support me in further development of the app (star button in the app or tap here ).

This is it for the release 1.5. Wishing you many safe and profitable trips ahead and staying Yours,


Special thanks for the ideas and testing go to Valentin Stan, JP, Eamon, Bill, Kristian, Christian. Guys, thank you so much, huge bow from me and certainly all the users you are talking for.