Default mode

Activate via MENU > MODES and then pick “Default”.

Not much to say here. If you played a lot with the app and now need to escape from the full screen map mode, rally or taximeter modes, that’s the right button for you :)!

Applying the default mode will not reset any of your settings, it will just get you back to the initial Speedometer screen as it looks just after the installation:

  • Big speed digits (if you say that’s not big, look for a full screen mode and go landscape :))
  • Speed limits and iPod player shown
  • Showing GPS data panel with altitude, compass, max and average speed.

More options:


Switch to MPH or Knots

Show trip timer in the main GPS panel

‣ I can change preset limit values, right?

‣ Where is that GPS black box?

‣ What’s that Heads-up (hud) screen?


‣ I want speedo to work in background, so it alerts me even when screen is locked or I’m using other apps!

I need more speed limits !

‣ I need different speed digit colors!

‣ I want speedometer to alert me on 30mph when I have speed limit set to 25! How?

‣ How to show speed with a decimal precision?

‣ Speedo is too bright at night. Night mode please!

Show trips stats, weather, wind conditions and forecast when I wait on red light or in a jam

‣ How to retrace the previously recorded track?

‣ Can speedometer remember speed limits for me? (Hint: Yes it can:))

Some of features described are available only in the full version. You can upgrade by tapping here.

All modes: Default mode ▪︎ Waypoints monitor (e.g. speed cameras) ▪︎ Rally computer ▪︎ Taximeter ▪︎ Map ▪︎ Heads up speed display ▪︎ Full screen speed display ▪︎ Full screen map display ▪︎ G Force acceleration monitor ▪︎ Land navigation mode ▪︎ Idle timer and alert mode ▪︎ Water sports boat mode