Available in the full version

You don’t have to look at zero speed when waiting on traffic lights or in a jam anymore! Weather information and trip stats information can be shown. Enable via “Advanced settings” > “Infotainment”. Pick “YES” there and use extra settings button for a granular infotainment setup, if needed.

Next time when you stop on lights or get stuck in a jam, speedometer can show you trip stats:

As you can see my current commute was 29 minutes and from that only 17 minutes I was driving, 11 minutes lost on lights and “jams”! No more looking for 11 minutes at zero speed display for me! Instead, speedo shows weather forecast by hour:

Weather forecast by day (of course you can switch to Fahrenheit, just tap on that WEATHER button):

Wind forecast by hour and day (showing only by hour here):

When infotainment is shown, you can tap on it with two fingers to pause, remove or set it up. You can also swipe on infotainment left or right to change between information slides. Weather and twitter require internet connection, but consume only very moderate amount of data.

This feature is available only in full version. You can upgrade by tapping here.