Rally computer mode

Activate by tapping on MENU > MODES > “Rally computer”.

  • Counters are shown in the center.
  • iPod area shows an off-perfect time monitor.
  • Speed limits area shows a distance adjustment control.


Double tap on counters to switch between different options to show here. E.g. timer and max. speed:

Or average speed and timer:

Off perfect time monitor

Shows how much we are off the target average speed. Background color indicates the current trend with green when off perfect time decreases and red when it increases.

Here we are 1.3 seconds off the perfect average speed, being faster and red background color tells that we are still getting worse, not better:

More on Off perfect time monitor

Distance adjustment control

Allows to

  • set current distance, add to it or subtract from it.
  • pause or reset counters.

  • Use the “-” button to subtract distance from the current distance. “-” > 1.5 > Done - will subtract 1.5 (miles/km) from the current distance.
  • Use the “+” button to add distance to the current distance. “+” > 1.5 > Done - will add 1.5 (miles/km) to the current distance.
  • Use the “SET” button to set the exact current distance. “SET” > 10.5 > Done - will set 10.5 (miles/km) as the current distance.
  • Use the “RESET COUNTERS” button to set current counters (incl. distance) to 0.

How does it work with the road book?

Just before the rally:

  • Pause counters. Probably let the app to work in background (MENU > WORK IN BACKGROUND).
  • Add a new TRIP (MENU > TRIPS > +, add a trip, tap on it to make it active). Current and total counters would be at 0.

At rally start:

  • At point A, at the start, resume counters.

At road book points:

  • When reaching a road book point B, C, D - RESET COUNTERS (#3). Current distance (#1) will reset to 0. Total distance (#2) will not be reset.

Between the points:

  • If you need to adjust the current distance, use “+”, “-” or SET buttons in the rally counters section.

If this is wrong in any way or for your specific use case, please let me know at stan@blocoware.com.

This feature is available only in the full version. You can upgrade by tapping here.

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