Full screen map display

Information on this page applies to a BETA version only and represents “work in progress”. If you come to this page with non-beta version, please see this page on how to switch and work with the map.

You activate this mode by tapping on MENU > MODES and then pick “Full screen map display”.

You can still maximize space for the map in this mode by tapping on the double pointed arrow button on the map’s right side. Here is a short review of map controls:

  1. Speedometer settings button
  2. Main menu button
  3. Feedback/Help button
  4. Compass (only shown on Apple, offline and custom maps)
  5. User location pointer
  6. Close full screen mode button
  7. Currently set speed limit
  8. GPS accuracy indicator
  9. Speed digits
  10. Map name
  11. Map type and settings button
  12. Indicators (background mode, tracking, pause, night mode)
  13. Speed units

Options available.

Free and full version:

  • To change speed limits swipe left or right on the bottom speed area

  • Hold your finger on a map to see options to avoid or force map centering on your location.
  • Use right side double pointed arrow to maximize the map view or X to close it.
  • Zoom in and out by panning the map.

Full version only:

  • Use “button like” button at the bottom of a map to access map settings as a map type and source, offline maps, forcing map top to follow your direction or just point at North.
  • Hold your finger on a map to see extra options to create a new waypoint at the place of touch or to hide waypoints.
  • Pin previously recorded track to a map so you can retrace it.
  • Hold your finger on speed digits to see options for a night mode , double tap action and infotainment .

More information on maps:

Maps user manual

Maps video tutorial (full screen, offline and custom)

Offline maps

Custom map sources

Some of features described are available only in the full version. You can upgrade by tapping here.

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