Speedometer. Voice coach.

When enabled and configured, voice coach will be telling you active track distance and duration as well as current speed and altitude.

In the current version, voice coach is only running when GPS track is being recorded. This ensures that coach provides exact and reliable information, for app running either in foreground or background.

App gives a hint if coach is enabled or disabled (by default). When you tap on a MENU button, the “NEW TRACK” button shows you the current tracking settings, including the voice coach:

Settings button inside the NEW TRACK button provides the section to configure a voice coach. Here is a voice coach configuration screen:

By default, coach is off and some configuration is pre-populated for you, like enabled announcement on every 5 minutes of tracking and disabled announcement for every 10 miles or kilometers. Again, until you tell YES to enabling a voice coach, all of this is going to stay mute and inactive.

This way of configuring things enables you to setup multiple voice coach “triggers” without having them active and then switch only these that you need for a specific situation. One can imagine driving and skiing being quite different activities when you need quite different sets of triggers.

“+” button on top allows you to add more triggers.

Tapping on a row with a trigger allows to configure a specific trigger parameters. Here is a screen for a time trigger:

And for the distance trigger:

No limits are established onto number of triggers you can have, there are some limits on a minimum time interval being 20 seconds and distance 100 meters (328 feet). Of course you can still shoot yourself in the foot by configuring and enabling triggers that would overlap, the app will queue the announcements then with some reasonable timeout and discard the most obsolete then as new announcements come. But why would you be configuring it this way? :)

This is basically a voice coach foundation in the current version. Input from Sven and Tim was used for a design and I believe it should be flexible enough to accommodate adding speed triggers in the coming versions, as Sven requested.

This is it for the voice coach for a moment, but let me highlight where else the app can give you some noise and how to control it:

Fuel and driving range monitor.

Idle timer and alert mode.

General sound settings .

Remember speed limit

Speed limit alert settings .

Waypoints monitor .

I’m all in for adding new trigger types and subjects to tell in the voice announcements. Please feel free to suggest to support@blocoware.com or via star button in the app!