Speed limit alert settings (PRO)

Available from version 1.8.2 (PRO)

From version 1.8.2 (PRO) you can setup quite more parameters for the alert sound, visual (flash) and logic. Here is the new speed limit alert settings page (Advanced Settings > Speed limit alert):

Selecting the alert sound is moved to its own screen. Tap on the top most row in the above settings screen to select the sound (or no sound), as usual.

You can also setup option for vibration and screen flash for the overspeed here.

Single or continuous overspeed alert

New from version 1.8.2 is ability to setup alert to be given only once on each overspeed (new) or keep alerting continuously while in overspeed.

General sound and voice settings

Version 1.8.2 adds general sound settings screen to configure voice or alert volume, active bluetooth overrides and more. This settings screen can be of help for a general sound troubleshooting in your car. You can access general sound settings through this “Speed limit alert” screen (the bottom row) or directly via “Advanced Settings > General sound settings”.

More information on General sound settings

Mute/unmute button on the main screen

General sound settings screen in version 1.8.2 allows to exchange the “star/help” button on the main screen for the “Mute/Unmute” sound button. This way you can easily switch sound on and off with a single tap from the main screen:

More information on General sound settings

This is it for the new “Speed limit alert” settings screen and options in the PRO version. If you are still using free “start” version and want to upgrade, you can do it in the AppStore by tapping here .