Fuel and driving range monitor.

Allows to “monitor” fuel left in the tank and be alerted when expected driving range goes below pre-defined distance in miles, kilometers or nautical miles.

Accuracy of the estimate depends on how close recorded mileage is to the real mileage driven.

It is a good idea to either employ GPS tracking in the app (MENU > NEW TRACK) or allow the app to work in background (MENU > WORK IN BACKGROUND) while you drive, so app stays working in the background to track the mileage as you drive.

Can be useful for veteran cars, broken car dashboards, boats with no fuel level indicators.

The looks.

#1 - Fuel left in the tank as a number (in gallons or liters) and visual indicator changing its color from green (full) to red (empty).

#2 - Expected driving range in miles, kilometers or nautical miles. Tap on this area to change the value shown to fuel efficiency value, if needed.

#3 - Fuel price or fuel spent since the last counters reset. Tap on this area to pick between these two options.


Following values should be provided in fuel/cost settings :

Fuel efficiency value (MPG, Liters per 100 km, Miles per liter or Kilometers per liter).

Tank size (in gallons for US MPG or liters).


To activate, tap on a button fuel stand to edit fuel and cost settings:

Be sure to setup fuel efficiency (MPG, Liters per 100 km, etc) on the cost/fuel settings page and tank size in galons or liters. Down to a bottom of this screen there is a switch for the range monitor:

Set to Yes to reveal an extra row with alert settings:

If you need to change the default settings, tap on the row with alert options to open the range settings screen:

With the above setup, speedometer will alert you when estimated driving range will fall below 50 miles with beep and voice message “Driving range below 50 miles!” Alert is triggered only once within 5 seconds from reaching the range threshold.

Once you have range monitoring active tapping on the button #1 provides option to edit cost and fuel settings, plus range monitor options:

So if you decide to go for a walk and still be recording a GPS track, just pause the range monitoring here. This way your tracked walk will not affect the driving range.

Ability to add partial fill and set fuel level to any value.

From version 3.4

Version 3.4 adds options for partial fill or setting fuel volume to any value, moving fuel operations to a separate menu section:

It’s even allowed to set fuel level above the tank volume, to allow for possible reserve in canisters.

This function is only available in the PRO version. If you are still using free “start” version and want to upgrade, you can do it in the AppStore by tapping here .

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