Poi/waypoint library

Tapping on a link with a collection name will install it into speedometer and setup a regular automatic synchronization.

App’s POI server - updated Monthly

Speed cameras (Red light, Fixed and Mobile)

Europe 1 *Monitoring angle: For some cameras. Number of cameras: > 27000 (*Belgium : 1936 | Switzerland : 647 | Germany : 3907 | Spain : 1524 | France : 3771 | UK: 5234 | Italy : 4220 | Luxembourg : 23 | Netherlands : 3710 | Poland : 402 | Portugal : 667 | Sweden : 1056)

North America Number of cameras: > 7000 (US, Mexico, Canada, Belize, Trinidad & Tobago)

Australia + New Zealand Number of cameras: > 1400. You can also try experimental collections down the page.

Africa Number of cameras: > 700

Europe 2 Number of cameras: > 1900 (Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia)

Europe 3 Number of cameras: > 800 (Hungary, Greece, Serbia, Romania****)****

Asia Number of cameras: > 7000 (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Turkey, Israel)

Brazil Number of cameras: > 30000

Czech republic Number of cameras: > 2000

Australia experimental

Queensland - Official Number of cameras: 177.

Contains cameras published by the official authority of Queensland. No watched limits, but camera locations should be, official.

Australia Number of cameras:> 600.

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YOUR waypoints!

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Waypoints monitor

Remember speed limits

Allows you to apply speed limits once as you drive and let speedometer re-apply them for you the next time.

Complete showcase video and text manual .

Waypoints. Speed and red light cams

Short video tutorials: Drive , Setup , Edit , Import/Export .

Text manuals:

Waypoints and POIs import

Waypoint/POIs alerting

Edit waypoint/poi type, course, speed limit, direction type

This feature is available only in the full version. You can upgrade by tapping here.