Importing waypoints and POIs (from version 1.6)

A. Prepare or get the file.

See the list of trusted poi-providers or prepare the file in one of the following formats:

Option1. Garmin csv POI format.

Simple csv file with Longitude, Latitude, “Name”, “Comment” fields separated by comma. Using @XY (e.g. @40) in poi name or description will create a waypoint with speed limit XY (e.g. 40).

Here is a great article from Gramin on how to create those POI files:

Sample of a row with data can be:

41.8778,-87.6390,“Chicago Union Station”, “Starting point”

Please have no header row and put name and comment values into quotes in case they contain comma (,).

If you have any accented or other than English characters in your import file, please save the file with UTF-8 encoding.

Option 2. iGO format.

Again, simple csv file with following fields:


Sample of a file content can be:


and fields legend:

X - Longitude
Y - Latitude
TYPE - camera type: 1)speed 2)built in traffic light 3)red light 4)section 5)radar (speedometer recognizes more poi types)
SPEED - limit
DIRTYPE - direction of operation 0) all 1) single direction 2) both directions
DIRECTION - camera angle (0~360)

Option 3. Navitel format.

This is really just like iGo format, but just with the extra first column named IDX and having a unique integer ID of a POI.

B. Send file to yourself by email.

When you have the csv file, just send it to yourself by email and hold your finger on attachment in the arrived email:

until options will come up:

By tapping on a speedometer icon, you will initiate an import:

When import options open, just select the one that corresponds to the format of you poi file. POIs will be imported and add to a new collection. Then use a collections list window or waypoint monitor to select that collection as active and set its alerting properties.

Having all those POIs imported, you can progress with alert on approaching waypoints (speedcams) .

POI file encoding.

By default, the following text encodings are handled automatically:

  • MacOS Roman
  • UTF-8
  • UTF-16BE
  • UTF-16LE
  • UTF-32BE
  • UTF-32LE
  • ISO 2022-KR

If you have any accented or other than English characters in your import file, please save the file with UTF-8 encoding.

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