There is no sound alert on exceeding the preset limit. Help!

  1. Please be sure to apply the speed limit preset by tapping on the preset button (you can surely change every preset value). You’ll see a text “SPEED LIMIT XYZ”, where XYZ will be the value applied:

If you cross that limit and speed digits are turning red, but there is no sound, please check the sound volume first, it may be too low to be audible. If you use full version or iPhone 5 and higher, there is a built-in iPod you can use to check and set the volume. Tap on the loud speaker button and adjust the volume to 80% something, this should be audible in a car. For free versions, you can use a music app to set the volume to be higher.

If still no sound on crossing the limit, please check if iPhone or 3G iPad are not connected to bluetooth or FM transmitter and their output is not muted. For bluetooth in your car, please also make sure it is in the mode when music from iPhone can be transmitted, sound alert from the speedometer goes through the same channel.

2. If app is not on screen when you drive, please be sure to allow the app to work in background***** when screen is locked for example, or some other app runs as the top most one. To do that tap on MENU and then on “WORK IN BACKGROUND”. When you don’t need the alert, just tap on MENU and “DON’T WORK IN BACKGROUND”, so GPS receiver would not be draining battery with no reason.

*****Ability to work in background is only available in the full version.

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