Integration with Siri.

(PRO) Siri shortcuts for tracking and speed limits help to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road! + give you more than 8 speed limits!

Starting from iOS 12, app donates Siri Shortcuts for starting and stopping GPS tracking and for speed limits:

To let the app donate shortcuts to Siri:

Start and stop a track > this will donate Siri a New Track and Stop Track shortcuts.

Apply speed limits by tapping on speed limit presets > this will donate a “Speed limit X” shortcut to Siri for every speed limit X preset that you tap.

To donate “NO LIMIT” suggestion to Siri, tap on “NO LIMIT” several time.

You might need to tap 2-3 times sometimes to let Siri add the shortcut suggestion.

Once Siri knows about the shortcuts that the app donates:

iOS 15:

Use a built-in Shortcuts app on your iPhone to add Siri commands:

  • Open Shortcuts app
  • In the top-right corner, tap on a “+” button. 
  • Tap on “Add action”
  • In the search field type in “speedometer”, all possible action that speedometer donated to Siri will be here:

  • Tap on an action to add.

Now there is a quirk that I’m experiencing that you need to close the action screen now and then tap on a “…” button on the new added action to return back to the action editing. This adds a Siri command that you can use with your voice:

This it what you tell Siri in order to execute this command in the app. Without the extra close/open step above this voice command was not appearing to me - possibly a bug or an omission in iOS 15.

As you returned to action this, it also a good idea to tap on an execute button here:

Siri might ask you if you agree with allowing the app to run this action/command, confirm with “Allow” and now you are good to invoke this by voice at any time. Looks like this extra “Allow” step is not needed after you’ve added several actions/commands for the app.

This should be it, some extra steps are needed in iOS 15, but still looks like a straightforward process. At least we don’t need to record the command with our own voice command anymore.

iOS 13:

In iOS 13 open a Shortcuts app, tap on a Gallery tab, scroll to “Shortcuts from Your apps” section, pick “See All” and you’ll find the app shortcuts to add here.

iOS 12:

Now locate speedometer settings in the iPhone wide settings screen, #1 in the image above. Tap on a ‘+’ in the “Suggested shortcuts” section (#2) and assign your own voice command to these shortcuts. Selected shortcuts will move into section #3 and you’ll be able to command “Hey Siri” + voice command that you chose for each of the shortcuts.

PRO tip If you need more than 8 speed limits, just configure preset(s) with different values -> tap -> add new speed limit command from suggestions section to Your saved Siri commands. This gives you ability to create as many “voice speed limit presets” as you need! A great reason to love Siri even more!