Using iBeacon for automatic tracking.

iBeacon integration takes auto-tracking to the next level:

  • Precise and energy effective. No need to watch for location changes, trying to sniff the right start/end of the activity to track.
  • No limitations on the type of activity to track. Location based auto-tracking detection is fine-tuned for driving/automotive activities. With iBeacon, you can use its proximity as a switch for auto-tracking for any type of activity. Put iBeacon into your bicycle’s saddle bag, into your running bag, once you are close to them - tracking will start, away - tracking will stop.

If you’ve got one, open the app settings (or Advanced Settings in Speedometer 55 app) > GPS Tracking > Automatic Tracking > scroll to the iBeacon section:

Tap to get to iBeacon setup screen. It starts with iBeacon UUID input:

Use a “clipboard” button on the left of iBeacon text field to paste the iBeacon UUID.

Once a valid UUID is entered, you can adjust the app sensitivity to this beacon and test if it can be properly detected.

If you have iBeacon bought from us , tap on “I have iBeacon from Blocoware” to pair with it. Still don’t forget to test it and tap on “Save” when ready.


Not all iPhones and iPads are created equal. Some come with very strong Bluetooth, some with weaker (our test XS Max has an extremely weak Bluetooth). Same is valid for iBeacon tags, some have stronger power output than others.

In 99% of cases you leave sensitivity (#1) at Default value:


If you have very weak iBeacon (or hidden somewhere in compartment) or very weak bluetooth in iPhone (or cellular iPad) then move sensitivity slider to the Highest position (right most). In this position, tracking will be triggered if iPhone can detect iBeacon(s) with that UUID at all. Proximity to the beacon(s) is not examined.


This level will trigger and keep tracking active if proximity of the iBeacon is Immediate, Near and Far. Keep in mind that all these names are relative. Test to see what is Near, Far, etc. for your iBeacon and iPhone.


This level will trigger and keep tracking active if proximity of the iBeacon is Immediate or Near.


This level will trigger and keep tracking active only if proximity of the iBeacon is Immediate. In regular cases this means about 10 centimeters. But if you’ve got a very powerful iBeacon (or increased the transmission power) it might prolong to half meter something.

The point of having the above levels is to fine-tune iBeacon integration so that the track starts only when it is reasonable, e.g. when you enter the car, but not when you parked it outside and the app would be starting the track sporadically “seeing” iBeacon through the window.

Having mentioned the sensitivity, let’s move to testing your iBeacon:


Put iBeacon to some place in your car so it would not slide around, tap on ‘Start Testing’ button and observe the progress.

  1. State of detection should change to ‘Inside the Detection Range’. That means that iBeacon has been detected.
  2. You should start seeing iBeacon’s proximity as Immediate, Near or Far.
  3. Dependent on Sensitivity setup, “Triggers tracking” row will show YES if current constellation of iBeacon and iPhone will trigger the tracking, or NO.
  4. Adjust sensitivity if needed to match your conditions for trigerring the track recording and keeping it alive.

Having your iBeacon tested, tap on a Save button.

Back to the auto-tracking settings, we have some new track start detection options:

  • “Beacon + Location” will use beacon proximity for start/stop, but when the iBeacon is away, the app will go by location. This is something that can be used for tracking start/stop for the morning commute by a car and then by recording the mileage in tram/bus as well, if needed.

  • If “Beacon + Location” sounds silly to you, just switch to a “Beacon only” option, this way the track will start when you enter the car with the beacon inside and stop when you leave it. No need to listen to location changes for starting/stopping the track. Simple, with no battery overhead and precise anyway.

In rare cases, when adding new iBeacon, it is required to switch bluetooth off and then on again to let iPhone see the new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device.

If you wish to use this auto-tracking option ahead of the general public, you can try it in the beta version. Please write to for the beta version download link.

You can order your preconfigured and tested iBeacon from us, to pair with one tap:

Blocoware iBeacons shop

If you can’t find your country in the list of countries we ship to, please write us a line to . Tell us what your country is and we will try to find some options for buying a compatible iBeacon in your country.

If you have a spare iBeacon already in your household or will be ordering from elsewhere:

Get iBeacon elsewhere and configure youself.