GPS Camera 55 - Version 3.9. What's new?

1️⃣ Now you can configure the automatic photo title that goes far beyond the timestamp. Combine collection name, timestamp, custom text and auto increment number in any way that suits best your work or project. Timestamp still stays as a default automatic photo title.


More on pattern based photo title

2️⃣ When viewing saved photos, the app now remembers if your last view choice was the original photo or stamped. No need to switch to the stamped view everytime, your preference is now remembered

  • If this breaks your current workflow anyhow, you can configure different viewing preferences. Settings > Viewing saved photos.

3️⃣ When you open photo from the points list, the app now provides controls to navigate through the adjacent photos in the points list, without the need to return to the list. You can swipe through or use left/right arrows.


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4️⃣ Points list now shows a footer with help and description for the applied filter and sort order, so there is no confusion for what and why is shown in the list.

This is it for version 3.9 and we are already working on the new version! If you decide to support this work with your kind review or rating and make us happy, here is a link to tap and write a review or give a rating:

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Thank you! ❤️