Camera 55. Version 2.3. What's new?

Optimized for iOS 14.

Version 2.3 is compiled under iOS 14.1 SDK and thus gains speed and optimizations available on iOS 14.1.

New, convenient place for the compass, folder picker and trigger buttons for iPads.

It was harder to tap on the camera trigger button on bigger iPads, new trigger button panel placement should resolve this:

This new panel is located in the right-bottom corner of iPad’s screen and gives the same corner -> trigger button distance in all screen orientations.

Improvements for image/photo sharing.

Sharing images is now faster and compatible with more apps. Also file names for the shared images correspond to their titles, where possible. Just as it is done for the iCloud or photo library photo copies.

A help button is added to the sharing menu (top-left one) to let you know more on sharing specifics and limitations. Here is the help page:

Photo/Point sharing options.

If you have had any problem in the past sharing images out of the app, please try it again with this new implementation.

Option to share images with deleted GPS/EXIF/IPTC data.

Points/photo sharing menu now provides options to share images with removed GPS/EXIF/IPTC fields.

Collection editor now includes a row to tap and show collection points on a map.

To open a map editor for the collection, tap on a top-left MENU button > POINT COLLECTIONS > Tap on a settings button in the collection row and then on a “Map” row:

Edit points:

Tap on a point > Open.

Add new points:

Move the map center to the desired position. You can also use left-center search button to move map center to the address, coordinates or existing point.

Tap on a bottom-right + button to drop or edit a new point here.

Delete points:

Tap on a point > Delete.

Navigate to a point via navigation app installed on your iPhone:

Tap on a point > Navigate.

Hope you’ll find this new screen useful.

Small optimizations and bug fixes.

Point collection list screen now shows enabled/disabled status of each collection (ON/OFF).

Fixed the bug where photo manual address would not be shown under some circumstances.

This is it for version 2.3!

Please stay safe!