Route editor

You can always import the route from GPX or turn any waypoints collection into a route. Route editor gives you ability to create a route without leaving the app.

To turn the editor ON, cancel centering mode by tapping on “follow me/not” button:

Several new elements are added to the main map to allow route editing:


Button #1 allows you to pick a collection you want to edit.

Label #2 shows the total distance of the route.

#3 - distance of the next planned “leg”.

#4 - route’s total route distance including the planned leg distance.

Button #5 allows to focus the map on the collection waypoints, your location and collection waypoints or move to the first or last points on the route.

#6 - the next planned leg with a fade/host color.

#7 - an arrow in the map center where the route waypoint will be put.

#8 - route itself on the map.

#9 - previously recorded track that is pinned to a map. Can really simplify route planning along the existing track. Future app versions will surely add ability to create routes out of tracks.

#10 - search button to enable search by address or coordinate. Search result is show in the map center, so you can use button #11 to create a point here.

#11 - plus button to add waypoint or route point at the place that red arrow points to (map center). If you want to add waypoint at the other place, just hold the map at that place until this option appears.

#12 - coordinate of the red arrow (map center).

#13 - angle at which map is rotated. In this uncentered mode, you can always rotate the map with two fingers so it is placed at the most convenient for you angle.

#14 - distance of the red arrow (map center) from your current location.

Plus button modes.

Plus button #11 works differently if you are creating a route:

- It names the point automatically to have the name of “Point” + point order number. If you want to rename waypoint, please tap on it and use “Open” option to rename it.

or if you are adding a waypoint to a non-route collection:

- It opens a waypoint editor.

Create a point between two waypoints on the route or before the first one.

Tap on the waypoint and pick “Insert before” or “Insert after” option. Editor will show appropriate hint line(s):

Next leg label and total distance label will show the planned values. Or again to add this “between” point at any place on the map, just hold your finger at that place.

Add waypoint by searching by address or coordinate.

Use search button (#10) to search by address of coordinate. Search result will be shown at the map center use “plus” button (#11) to add waypoint or route point here.

Delete waypoint or point on a route.

Tap on the waypoint you want to delete and pick “Delete” option.

When you are deleting the route point, all points that were given names automatically or have an empty name will be renamed/renumbered automatically again.

Zoom in and out controls.

To zoom in and out you can pan the map in and out or tap on the map to show zoom in and out buttons:

A bit longer, narrated video on creating or importing the route:

Embedded YouTube video

More information on route editing and navigation:

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