Compass 55. Speedometer mode.

Still giving you compass, arrow to the target, host of GPS data, BUT focusing on the speed. In place of map big speed digits are shown and average/max values for speed and pace are shown in place of a track timer and distance.

To control these average and max values you can use MENU > RESET/PAUSE counters (when track is not active), so you can measure/reset average or max values of your 4x4, ATV, scooter or your own two legged performance, of course.

You get to a speedometer mode by tapping on MENU>MODES>Speedometer or just tapping on a big NAVIGATOR button when you are in the land navigation mode. Settings allow to show speed in MPH, KM/H and knots.

Speedometer still gives you a view of a host of GPS data, you’ll find their description in the main app mode:

Land nav 55. Land navigation mode

Speed is only shown when location services are enabled for the app and GPS signal is available. Please be sure to read the GPS indicator section in the land navigation mode page.