GPS Team 55 privacy policy

This policy details the information on how information can be collected or used by the GPS Camera 55 app.

Information We Collect.

When Team tracking is set to NO.

When Team tracking is set to NO in the app, the app doesn’t send any information on your location to a server. Location information stays only on the device and is used to show your own location on a map.

When Team tracking is set to YES.

When team tracking is set to YES, your location information that includes your coordinates, speed and altitude is sent to a team server via encrypted SSL connection. Only the most recent sample of your location is kept on a server. As other team members, that you invited, connect to the server, sharing their location, your location is sent to them in return, so they can see your location on a map.

When you destroy/reset the team.

Resetting the team will erase a record of your current team and location on a server. You’ll be marked as deleted in all teams where you’ve been a member and your location will no longer be shared with any of the teams. Tracking will be set to NO and your location will not be sent to a team server until you create a new team and re-enable the tracking.

Your last shared location, the one before the team reset, will be seen by members that have already obtained it as part of a team tracking.

It’s all anonymous.

We never collect information on your IP address, your email or any other information that might link back to your device or IP address. When you create a team we give you a unique identifier to track your location samples under. To stop any hacking, all your requests to the server are signed with a secure token that is unique to your device. Communication with the server is protected by SSL encryption.

No Analytics in the app!

The app is not using or integrates any Analytics, Ads or Crash SDKs. Someone may say this is a shame, but your privacy is totally paramount to us.

Apple Maps.

The app is using Apple Maps to show your and invited members location. Services and software used to display these maps may collect information about you. Please refer to the Apple Privacy Policy for more information.

If you send us information.

We collect information that you choose to send us by emailing us via support emails. This includes your email address, name and other information that you provide. This information never leaves our email box. We use Google mail and Google authentication services.

Policy updates.

This policy might be updated from time to time. But our commitment to stay away from any analytics and 3rd party components that might put your privacy at risk is absolutely paramount. Given this, we will always be happy if you drop us a few lines on how do you use the app!

By using GPS Team 55 app, you consent to our privacy policy.


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