Custom map sources

You can setup speedometer to use any kind of your own map tiles url source. Pattern should contain {x}, {y}, {z} variables for x coordinate, y coordinate and z as zoom. Supported projection is a spherical one (same as Google and OpenStreetMaps are using by default).

Some map providers like Yandex for example is using elleptical projection and thus their tiles are not supported at the moment. Some providers, like Bing from Microsoft is using a quad schema with {q} parameter - this is not also supported in the current version. Support for Bing and Yandex type of map providers will be provided in the future versions.

Here is just some inspiration for map sources that can be used under terms and conditions of their providers.

Please be sure to consult each map provider terms of usage and license information before actually using their data!

We don’t have all of those urls tested, please see for yourself what works and what does not.

Esri maps

License and usage information


Esri Navigation Charts (parts of the world, zoom 0..10){z}/{y}/{x}.png

Esri World Imagery (zoom 0..17){z}/{y}/{x}.png

Esri National Geographic (zoom 0..12){z}/{y}/{x}.png

Esri Physical (zoom 0..8){z}/{y}/{x}.png

Esri Ocean (zoom 0..10){z}/{y}/{x}.png

Esri Reference/World Transportation (zoom 0..18){z}/{y}/{x}.png

Esri World Topo Map (zoom 0..18){z}/{y}/{x}.png

Esri World Street Map (zoom 0..18){z}/{y}/{x}.png

Google hybrid

Terms and condition, license


Google Hybrid{x}&y={y}&z={z}{x}&y={y}&z={z}"

Google Satellite{x}&y={y}&z={z}

Sample to verify:

Google roadmap{x}&y={y}&z={z}

Google road & terrain layers, with high-res (Retina) support




Thunderforest Cycle

License and usage


OSM Thunderforest Cycle (zoom 0..18){z}/{x}/{y}.png

OpenCycleMap with train & tram lines{z}/{x}/{y}.png


License and usage


Relief shading{z}/{x}/{y}.png


License and usage

Sea marks{z}/{x}/{y}.png

If you find an error in one of the urls or have a new url to share, please feel to drop us a line via the feedback window!