Speedometer. Importing tracks, waypoints and routes.

Prior to version 1.8 waypoints could be imported in the iGo, Navitel and Garmin csv.

From version 1.8 app adds the option of importing tracks, waypoints and routes (rte) from GPX.

Whenever you open the GPX file, pick “Open in speedometer” option and pick what you want to import. If everything goes alright, you’ll see the import completion dialog:

If there is any problem with the file format or content, the app will tell you :). You can always use a star button on the main screen to email me if you find something missing or not working properly.

Here is an example of how the imported tracks may look:

or waypoints:

Huge thanks to Harrison for the plenty of test GPX data provided based on his crawling through the New Zealand forests (and for the permission to use screenshots with them on this site).