Cost monitor

Cost monitor allows you to know the cost of your driving and split it between commuters, if needed.

Lets look onto how “Cost Monitor” looks for U.S. MPG:

Cost monitor also supports UK MPG and Liters per 100km.

When you first start the Speedometer all fuel consumption and price values are zeroed. So first, tap on the SET button and input your fuel price and consumption values:

Again, on the left is an example for US and on the right for “Liters per 100km”. As you can see there’s one more option – it is UK MPG, as UK gallon is different from US’s. So if you are from UK, you can use this option.

You also have an option to enter an “extra per kilometer”. We all know that cost of driving somewhere is not only about fuel consumption?! As an example, I may calculate this cost as following:

- I drive 10000 miles a year, pay $500 for a car regular service and pay $500 for yearly car insurance. Then it is an extra of $0.10 per mile.

Now confirm with “Done” button and the only thing left is to drive!

Cost monitor updates the cost with every meter you’ve traveled!

+ Option to show fuel run up has been added:

By default monitor shows the fuel cost:

but if you tap at this place, monitor will start showing you the fuel run up:

Cost monitor is available only in the full version. You can upgrade by tapping here. ####

More on tracking the cost:

Cost monitor for UK MPG

And it is not only the cost you can track!

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