Planimeter 55. Information on Pro Pack upgra

Pro pack upgrade in the app gives access to the following premium features:

Unlimited number of point collections

Free version allows for one stand alone points collection and one temporary measurement of any type. Pro pack removes this limitation and gives you unlimited number of shapes/collections and stand alone points.

Export and sharing via kml, kmz, gpx

Pro pack enables export and import of your work via kml, kmz (Google Earth) or gpx formats. Kmz format allows to transfer all of the data might be attached to points, like images or audio notes.

Export of planimeter objects.

Saving map snapshot

Pro pack enables will also enable you to save map snapshot with your shape/collection, removing all buttons that are needed to edit the measurements, but are not required when you want to share the image of your measurement only.

Google map and extra zoom

Google map provides Street, Satellite, Hybrid and Terrain map types. Google satellite map also allows for twice as closer zoom, compared to Apple or ESRI satellite maps.

To compare, here is max zoom of Apple map that is currently available:

And here is the extra zoom you are getting with Google satellite map:

Offline, custom and imported maps

This option allows you to use some of pre-prepared map servers in the app or your own. You can also download map areas for offline use via these map servers. Maps import allows you to prepare your map in MOBAC or TileMill and open them in the app. A bit more information:

Map url/sources library

Offline maps.

Import existing mbtiles, Rmaps, sqlitedb maps

PRO Pack is a one off upgrade/purchase, no subscription or recurring charges involved. Be sure that your investment into Planimeter 55 app will have a great return value! I’m already working on the next version and you have a guarantee of app evolving and being supported for the years and iOS versions to come.

Sincerely Yours,

Stan, the app developer.