Gps Camera 55. Version 1.3.

Apple Watch companion app.

Apple Watch app enables remote control of a camera shutter button. As simple as this:

To trigger the shutter, the app on iPhone should be running and having its main/camera screen open.

This is the first version that has Apple Watch companion, if there is any problem or ideas, please let me know!

Camera grid

Version 1.3. adds a 3x3 grid option. If you need a grid, say YES to it in Settings > Capture settings > Other overlays section.

Option to hide entire bottom comments overlay

New option allows to hide the bottom notes overlay in its entirety. Settings > Capture settings > Notes overlay section.

Date only options for the timestamp field

Now you can pick from a few date only formats for the timestamp. Settings > Capture settings > Notes overlay section, Timestamp row.

Bruno, magician from Germany suggested this feature and here is a sample that uses German long date format:

Thank you, Bruno! Wishing you many great tricks and magic ahead!

Color options for overlay texts and background

Now you can customize both background and text colors for the camera overlays:

To configure colors of your choice, open settings and scroll down to the “Overlay colors” section:

If you want to return to either original text or background colors, please use “Reset” buttons in the corresponding setting rows.

As for the color picker, both HSB:

and RGB pickers are available:

Please keep in mind that overlay background has some transparency set - thus the background color will be always be a bit “pale” in the color picker.

Thanks to Jerry for his request to add this feature.

P.S. My own favorite for the overlay text and background colors are black & white:

Thank you for the ideas and kind ratings/reviews!

Yours and back to work,

Stan, the app developer.