Give me more speed digit colors! HUD and regular modes.

Starting from version 1.5.3 (currently in beta) you don’t have to chose only from 3 colors of speed digits for under, above limit and buffer speeds. Just tap on settings button:

Continue to advanced settings and then to “Speed colors”:

There are still 3 presets per above, under and buffer here, they are left so you can switch fast between your favorite night and day colors lets say. But each color preset is now configurable! Just hold your finger on it until a color picker opens:

Move color picker circle (#1) with your finger to set the color, and again just use your finger to set the color saturation (#2) and luminosity (#3).

You can do the same to the Heads-up colors. HUD colors are independent on regular colors.

This is it! Now you can setup all of the digits colors to match your car interior or exterior :)!

If you got to read this ahead of version 1.5.3 release and want to get more colors before the public release, you can always apply for a beta app here: . Just tap on the link from your iPhone or cellular iPad to enroll into the beta testing program. That’s a well known beta testing Testflight portal and guess what? Now they are part of Apple! Just could not keep my Huraay inside :):).