Compass 55. Version 1.2. What's new?

-- FREE and PRO PACK –

As always, some bugs are ironed out and some optimizations taken place.


New option to apply Google night map style automatically during the night. It was a shame to have information on sunset/sunrise in the app, but not using it to force the map mode switch. By default the option is left to NO, please visit Google map settings to change your preference:

Users without PRO PACK should not be disappointed at all with that Night stuff for the Google map. Apple map, which is part of the basic package, does support night mode as well. It’s just there is no way to control it, Apple decides for us when it is the right time to go dark!

I’ll progress with adding colors to waypoints. You can read more on colors here: Land nav 55. Version 1.3. What’s new? and I also added a short video to youtube that walks you through the main app features:

End of transmission from Stan! Staying Yours and hoping in your support! If you like the app, please consider leaving me a review or just a rating. Star button in the app will lead you to the review page, should you decide to pat me on a shoulder!

Bon voyage!