Zone/Overlay setup.

Allows setup a new zone for alerting or to add a collection of points that you can use for memorizing places on a map.

Enter a name for the zone, picks it type - polygon or circle, in case of zone. You can also pick “Points” to have a collection of points that are not interconnected.

If you are setting up a zone, tap on Map row in this screen to open the map and setup the overlay of the zone . For polygon you create an overlay on a map by dropping points, for circular zone you drop a center point, move the map to the zone boundary and confirm with the top-right ✓ (checkmark) button.

By tapping on a “Zone alerts” row you can setup if the alerts should be given for entering or leaving the zone for yourself and/or all team members.

Note that you can also setup zone alerts for individual members by tapping on a member row and then “Alerts”.

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