Common map settings

Accessing the screen.

The most direct way to access common map settings screen is by holding finger on a map until “long press” menu appears and tap on its top/left settings button:

For other ways to access this screen, read here .

What can be configured?

Top of the map pointing North or direction of travel

Pointer customization.

Available from version 1.8.

New to the common map settings is a “Pointer” section that allows you to pick from 5 pointer types for the main map.

Optional “course line” on a main map.

Available from version 1.8.

You can configure either to show the course line on a map or not and if YES, configure its length.

Distance unit to the right of course length is a button allowing you to pick the required distance unit.

Here is how course line looks on a map:

Waypoints handling on a main or secondary maps.

Available from version 1.8.

Allows to show or hide waypoints on a main or secondary maps and disable waypoints grouping (which is on by default):

Note that app can switch waypoints grouping to be enabled if it thinks that performance would be bad otherwise.

Option to pin a track to the main map.

Available from version 1.8.

Pinned track will be shown on all maps (except the track viewer map) in cyan/host color so you can re-trace your track in forward or backward directions.

** **

Here is how pinned track looks on the main map (arrow #1, A/B are start and end points of a pinned track):

To explain other map elements influenced by map settings:

#2 is a line to a waypoint or location set as a navigation target. You show/hide it by long press on a map and then selecting “show/hide” for the target line. You can also just cancel/stop navigation and line will go away.

#3 is a course line. Can be shown/hidden via common map settings or again, via long press on a map and then show/hide.

#4 is your “location tail”, showing your recent path for better orientation.

T1 is a waypoint. You can set waypoints being shown or hidden on the main or secondary maps in the common map settings or again by “long press” on a map to invoke the show/hide options.

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