Add waypoints/cameras as you drive

You can create waypoints as you drive by just tapping twice on speed digits. How?

1. Lets setup a new collection (if needed). MENU > WAYPOINT COLLECTIONS > “+” > pick “Local:

#1 - Be sure to set the Alert as YES.

#2 - Tap here to set default waypoint type for this collection. Lets say we’ll be collecting speed cameras by default, then pick speed camera type.

#3 - Be sure to set this collection as a default one. It means that newly created waypoints will be implicitly added to this collection.

2. Return to main screen and hold your finger on speed digits, e.g. here:

Or if map is being shown then here:

Any place where speed digits are, you are good to hold them until options appear:

Pick “Double tap action” here, then “Create Waypoint”, then “Only keep location”.

Then it looks like this:

Drive, apply speed limit that applies for this road. Whenever you need to create a speed camera, tap twice on speed digits (whenever they are) - this will create a camera with:

- Speed limit you are currently at.

- Approach direction you are currently going with.

- Camera type that is set as a default for your collection that you added.

You can edit all that data later by tapping on cameras you’ve created on a map.

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