Camera 55. Version 2.8.

This is probably the last release supporting iOS 9-11.

Optimizations for iOS 14.5 and for older devices with iOS 9-11.

Main focus of this version is to leave iOS 9-11 users with version that hopefully keeps working very well on their older devices for the years to come. Following optimizations should help with this:

  • Using downscaled image thumbnails where image previews are shown, e.g. in the points list.
  • Using new, faster and more optimized storage structure for images and audio notes. All newly created images and audio notes will be created in the new structure, older images and audio notes will be migrated as needed.
  • Temporary files cleanup in the Maintenance screen will now find and remove more temporary files.
  • All import/export and sharing operations were reviewed to only create temporary files in the system’s temporary folder that is being cleaned by iOS automatically after some period of time.

These optimizations apply to all devices with iOS 9-14+, but will be most important for users with older devices and iOS versions.

If you notice any problem on iOS 9-11, please let me know at I will be giving it ~3 weeks to see if there are no issues reported and will be dropping iOS 9-11 support.

Import and export.

  • Adding true heading, magnetic heading, heading accuracy fields into kml/kmz export file and restoring these values on import from kmz/kml:

<SimpleData name=“trueHeading”>28.00</SimpleData>

<SimpleData name=“magneticHeading”>23.00</SimpleData>

<SimpleData name=“headingAccuracy”>20.00</SimpleData>

  • Making sure that true/magnetic heading values are always calculated and shown properly for photos/points that are imported only with GPS course value.
  • Fixed issue with batch import from the photo library ignoring the import option “Don’t try to find addresses”.
  • Improved memory usage in the batch import from the photo library.

Point editor.

  • Added small x-clear buttons to text fields for MGRS and UTM input to facilitate clearing each individual coordinate field and starting editing with one tap:

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