Camera 55. Version 2.6.

Optimized for iOS 14.4.

Version 2.6 is compiled under iOS 14.4 SDK and thus gains speed and optimizations available on iOS 14.4.

Last fixes for iOS 9-11.

This is most probably the last version to support iOS 9-11. The last update for iOS 9-11 users. We tested everything thoroughly on our iOS 9-11 test devices and fixed whatever we have found or what has been reported by iOS 9-11 users earlier. If you are using iOS 9-11 and find some issue on these iOS versions, please let us know in March/April 2021 until it is too late.

Alternative PIN.

You can set alternative PIN in the app to open an alternative workspace with different photos. If needed, set an alternative PIN in Settings > Access > “Alternative PIN” section:

Please note that biometric access and restoring access with Questions will still open the currently active (most recently used) workspace. Consider carefully if you don’t want to set biometric access and all restore options to NO/empty.

Be sure to test the alternative PIN to get the confidence and knowledge with how it works. To give you some ideas:

  • Alternative PIN implementation ideally makes it impossible for the potential intruders to know that they are using the alternative workspace, even if they know the app very well. If you spot anything that enables you to stay “aargh, this is an alternative space”, please let us know (
  • If somebody enters the alternative space, they can set an alternative PIN for their alternative workspace. So they don’t know they are entering the alternative workspace in the first place.
  • Biometrics and restore with biometrics and questions will open the currently active (most recently logged in) workspace. You might want to switch these options off.
  • There is no function that would show you all of the alternative workspaces.
  • Logging into Access settings with the alternative PIN will switch the workspace to the alternative workspace corresponding to the PIN used.
  • If you keep restore Questions present, they will be visible in the Access settings of the alternative workspace, but as someone already used the alternative PIN and workspace has switched to alternative, restore questions will be restoring access to the alternative workspace. Anyway, this may lead you to re-considering what questions are setup for access restoration.

Alternative PIN also changes how invalid PIN entry attempts are handled. Previously access to the PIN keyboard was delayed every time a bit longer for each invalid PIN attempted. After entering the right PIN this delay was reset to zero and you could enter some invalid PINs with no or smaller delay again. With alternative PIN this should have changed. As you may give this PIN to someone else, one could enter the alternative PIN, reset the delay for the invalid PINs and try to guess PINs much faster. To prevent this, the app now delays the PIN input after certain number of invalid PIN entries for the whole day. And if there is no way to acquire the sense of the right time duration (no internet access) - then the delay for the invalid attempts is accumulated until the app can safely say - it’s a new day. This should farther limit number of invalid attempts for these knowing the alternative PIN and for anyone else. Here is how this new message looks for when too many invalid PINs were attempted during the day:

Please take into account that in version 2.6 settings like watermark are shared across all workspaces. Until version comes that allows for independent settings between workspaces, please refrain from using watermark or other settings that might be sensitive for your scenarios when shared across workspaces.

Multiple lines in point note.

Point notes now support multiple lines (many thanks to Dwayne for a suggestion). These are notes on a point in the point editor, image notes are still single lined.

Showing multiline point note is not supported at all places:

‣ For PDF reports lines are joined with a space to form a single line.

‣ On points list screen point note is truncated to a max of 30 chars plus …

‣ In all fields CSV report, lines are kept intact, but the final outcome depends on software you open csv with. Numbers and Excel are ok with multiple lines in csv fields. “Quick look” in iPhones and iPads will join multiple lines in a single line, but this is a preview thing only.

‣ If there is any problem, please report and keep using one line point notes.

Note text field is moved to its own section in the point editor screen.


  • Raising the app resilience in face of corrupted user settings, whatever is the cause.
  • Correctly populating photo note and address when you first create the point and attach a photo to it later.